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Our Muus Project at a glance

We control 25,250ha of ground near Chibougamau, Quebec

Prospective for gold and base metals at intersection of two major mineralized structures
✓ Northeast trending Fancamp Shear Zone – which hosts IAMGOLD’s Monster Lake deposit and Blue Thunder’s Fancamp Property
✓ East West trending Guercheville Deformation Zone – which hosts recently discovered Nelligan Deposit, as well as historical resources at Philibert, Meston and Joe Mann.

Strategically located on strike with:

Nelligan* gold deposit – Iamgold/Vanstar JV: maiden NI  43-101 Inferred resource announced in October 2019 with 3.2 M oz Au @ 1.0 g/t Au
Monster Lake* gold deposit – Iamgold/Tomagold JV: maiden NI  43-101 Inferred resource announced in March 2018 with 433,000 oz Au @ 12.1 g/t Au
Chevrier Main Zone gold deposit: Genesis Metals Inc. Technical Report February 2019 with 423,000 oz Au @ 1.2 g/t Indicated and 259,000 oz Au @ 1.3 g/t Au Inferred
Joe Mann Gold Mine: historical producer recently acquired by Dore Copper: historical production 1.8 M oz Au @ 8.5 g/t Au
Philibert gold deposit (SOQUEM Inc.): Historical resource of 1.4 Mt grading 5.3 g/t Au, SOQUEM Inc., 1991.
*  Nelligan and Monster Lake are recent discoveries

Exploration thesis

✓Property not actively explored since the mid 1990s – with past focus primarily on base metals targeting east-west oriented EM conductors in volcanic units
✓ Much less effort was spent drilling structural targets which might host gold mineralization as recently discovered by IAMGOLD at Monster Lake
✓ Recent Nelligan discovery highlights potential for broad disseminated gold systems hosted within sediments
✓ Less than 10% outcrop exposure → Both a challenge and an opportunity


Highly compelling structural setting in a very favorable geological location

Muus Project


Blue Thunder holds a 100% interest in the Muus Project comprised of the Muus, Muus East, Nisk, Fancamp and Embry Properties. Together, these properties include a total of 455 claims covering 25,250 hectares. The Muus Project is located in the southern part of the James Bay area of the Province of Quebec, about 30 km south of Chapais and 50 km southwest of Chibougamau within the eastern end of the Abitibi Greenstone belt

Map depicting Muus, Muus East, Nisk, Fancamp and Embry Properties


The Project is very prospective for gold, as well as for volcanogenic massive sulphide (“VMS”) deposits, with associated base and precious metals. A series of prominent ductile and brittle fault‐sets and splays transect the Project, including the Guercheville Deformation Zone.

The Chapais‐Chibougamau area occurs within the Northern Volcanic Zone of the Abitibi Greenstone Belt and Blue Thunder’s Muus, Muus East and Nisk claim blocks occur within Archean aged rocks of the:
  • Obatogamau Formation - primarily mafic volcanic rocks interstratified with local felsic units such as the Lac Des Vents Complex and the
  • Caopatina Formation, comprising sediments that disconformably overlie the Obatogamau Formation
These units are intruded by various intrusions, most notably kilometric-scale felsic stocks, as well as felsic to mafic dykes and sills.

Stratigraphic column of northeast Abitibi - sourced from Consorem Report, Stephane Faure, 2012

All three properties (Muus, Muus East and Nisk) offer the potential to discover both structurally controlled lode gold and volcanogenic massive‐sulphide (VMS) mineralization, associated with base and precious metals.
However, the recent discovery of the Nelligan gold deposit (Inferred: 97Mt @ 1.0 g/t = 3.2Moz Au), also highlights the potential for the area to host broader disseminated gold systems amenable to bulk mining methods.
Importantly, two major regional deformation zones intersect within the Muus Property – the east-west trending Guercheville Deformation Zone (which bisects the full length of the Muus property for +20kms) and the northeast trending Fancamp Deformation Zone. Both structures and their secondary splays and cross-structures are associated with numerous gold deposits and dozens of gold showings in the region.

(1) Monster Lake NI 43-101 Technical Report, Apr 9, 2018, Prepared for Iamgold Corp and Tomagold Corp
(2) Nelligan NI 43-101 Technical Report, Oct 22, 2019, Prepared for Iamgold Corp and Vanstar Mining Resources
(3) Chevrier NI 43-101 Tehcnical Evaluation Report, Feb 4, 2019, Prepared for Genesis Metals Inc
(4) Historical Resource estimate - Not in compliance with NI 43-101 and should not be relied upon

Historical Exploration
The vast majority of the historical exploration on the Muus Project has taken place on the Muus Property, with only limited documented work over Muus East and Nisk. Most of the diamond‐drilling on Muus was completed between 1985 and 1996 to test magnetic and electromagnetic anomalies. This led to discovery of a number of gold and base metal occurrences and showings on Muus – but these showings have not been adequately investigated.
Recent compilation work shows that: 1) few of the previous gold exploration efforts had focussed on structural targets; 2) the vast majority of the Property is not yet covered by Induced Polarization (IP) surveys; 3) the recent identification of exhalite horizon within the Lac des Vent Complex confirms the presence of a prospective environment for VMS exploration.

Blue Thunder Exploration
In March of 2019, Blue Thunder contracted Terraquest Ltd., Airborne Geophysical Surveys to carry out a fixed-wing airborne horizontal magnetic gradient and Matrix VLF‐EM survey over Muus to define prospective structural and mineralized targets for investigation by diamond‐ drilling. Line spacing was approximately 50-100 m.
Two (2) detailed geological mapping and prospecting programmes were completed on the extreme eastern and western parts of the Muus Property during the summer of 2019. These “boot and hammer” programmes revealed the paucity of outcrop in these areas, reinforcing the importance of obtaining detailed/high‐resolution remote survey data to target mineralization.
In December 2019 a helicopter aeromagnetic survey (50-250 m spaced lines) was flown over newly acquired land at the Muus property, as well as most of the Muus East and Nisk properties. Results of this survey are pending.
In December 2019 a regional prospecting/sampling program as well as a trenching program was completed at the Welb prospect in the northern portion of the Muus East property. Results of this work are still pending.
The properties that comprise the Muus Project are held 100% by Blue Thunder other than the claims which are subject to the Tectonic Agreement

Tectonic Agreement
On February 15th, 2019, Blue Thunder entered into an option to acquire 100% interest in forty-seven (47) claims from Ressources Tectonic Inc. (“Tectonic”) by:
• Paying $20,000 upon execution (payment made)
• Paying an additional $40,000 and incurring $60,000 in expenditures within 1 year of Feb 15, 2019
• Paying an additional $60,000 and incurring $90,000 in expenditures within 2 years of Feb 15, 2019
• Paying an additional $150,000 and incurring $100,000 in expenditures within 3 years of Feb 15, 2019
Once 100% has been earned BTMC shall grant a 2% NSR to Tectonic which can be reduced to 1% for $500,000 within 5 years of Feb 15, 2019 or $2,000,000 if after the 5 year period.

Certain claims within Blue Thunder’s Muus Project are subject to underlying royalty agreements